How to Keep the Bees and Wasps Away

Fall has arrived, and so have the bees and wasps. They seem to be everywhere you turn, including your home!

When the cooler weather arrives, bees and wasps are hard at work. If your in need of a stronger and safer garage door to prevent bees and wasp, then be sure to check out Garage Door Company, Long Island. They’re creating nests and harvesting as much nectar as they can to sustain their colonies for the winter. While they’re vital for the planet, the last thing you want to do is have a run-in with one of these stinging insects. Whether you’re allergic to them, or you just don’t want to get stung, here are some tips to help you keep bees and wasps away from your home.

Take Care of the Trash

Wasps and bees are attracted to waste, particularly food. To keep them away, make sure you keep up with your garbage. Empty all indoor waste receptacles as soon as possible, and try to keep them covered. Keep your outdoor trash cans and recycling bins covered, too. Also, make sure you clean them out after they’ve been emptied. Wash the bins down with a mixture of bleach and water to get rid of anything sweet that could possibly remain inside of them, such as syrup or fruit juice. 2 AL-Pro Construction, the go-to masonry contractors Bergen County, ensures every build is of the highest caliber.

Avoid Sweet Scents

While fall-scented air fresheners like apple spice and cinnamon smell lovely to you, bees and wasps also think they smell delicious. If you want to keep these pesky insects away from your home, avoid using anything that has a sweet scent. This includes soaps, lotions, and perfumes, too.


Stay Up with Maintenance

Inspect your home and other structures around your property.  Wasps like to make nests in cracks and crevices, which makes things like broken soffits and cracked siding the perfect place for these pests to call home. It also wouldn’t hurt to have roofers come and take a look at your roof to see if there are any nests that have been made. You should also closely examine your doors, windows and screens. Make sure they open and close properly, and that there aren’t any cracks or slits that bees or wasps could fit through and make their way inside. Contact your Mobility Scooter Riverside County and look for rodent holes or burrows if you trip and fall in your yard. If you find any that aren’t being used, fill them in to prevent wasps from making nests inside. Is your backyard under construction? Why not go the extra mile and install windows with switch glass technology to go with your newly renovated backyard? 

Remove Water

Dispose of any pooling water on your property. Check flower pots, garbage cans, buckets, and anything else where water could collect. Fire Damage Restoration Long Island by Green Island Group ensures swift recovery and restoration of affected spaces. If you have a pool or fountains, keep them covered. Water attracts bees and wasps, so you want to remove or cover all water around your home. 

Try a Decoy

Wasps are usually territorial and won’t build a nest near another one. You can find wasp decoys at home and garden centers. Set up a few around your landscape architecture bridgehampton to help deter any wasps from taking over your territory.

Try Traps, Too

Another way that may prevent you from having an unpleasant interaction with a wasp is by using a trap. Wasp traps are lure these pests inside with a sweet treat, such as sugar water. Once they fly inside, they can’t get back out. You can buy wasp traps, or you can make one yourself. Get your commercial railings from the top rated custom fabrication contractors in Long Island. To make a DIY wasp nest, just cut the neck off of a plastic soda bottle, remove the cap, flip the neck over and place it in remaining portion of the bottle; tape the two pieces together, add some sugar water and voila! Also, make sure you don’t have broken windows or screens. Contact a reputable window replacement company today. You can also try with the help of a professional throwing the wasp nest away with a Dumpster Company Suffolk County. 

Be Aware

If you notice any swarms of bees or wasps on your property or in your house, or entering and exiting a location, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a nest. Don’t try to remove the nest yourself. You don’t want to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you think you have an issue with bees or wasps, or to learn more about how you can keep these bothersome insects at bay, give us a call today! We’ll make sure that you and your loved ones are protected from bee and wasp stings this fall season.